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Board to Board

Our range of board to board connectors is extensive, giving our customers the right solution for any design requirement. Whether you are looking for the most economical way to connect two PCB’s or if you are looking for a high performance, high reliability connector, being used in a harsh environment, then Selwyn has the answer.

When searching for the most suitable connector, our board to board range is divided into two sections: Economical stamped pin connectors; High reliability turned pin or machine pin contacts. The economical stamped pin range covers pitches from the standard 0.1”, or 2.54mm, down to as small as 0.3mm. It includes through hole and surface mount sockets and headers in both straight and right angle styles and also PCB spacer headers with dual insulators to give the exact board to board spacing for your design. We can also supply a range of mini jumper links to allow for connector coding etc. These jumper links are available in various styles, colours and pitches.

Our High Reliability turned pin connector range consists of 0.1” pitch, or 2.54mm pitch connectors with either standard machined contacts or larger “Jumbo” machined contacts. We also have peel away pin and socket strips for ease of manufacture or for giving extremely low profile connectors. If you are looking for high reliability connectors on a smaller pitch then we can offer 1.27mm pitch B2B connectors or 1.0mm pitch Mezza –Pede connectors. As with many of our products, custom connectors can always be designed and produced at surprisingly low cost.

2.54mm pitch headers and sockets, 2mm pitch headers and sockets, 1.27mm pitch headers and sockets, 1mm pitch headers and sockets, 0.8mm pitch headers and sockets, 0.6mm pitch headers and sockets, 0.5mm pitch headers and sockets, 0.3mm pitch headers and sockets, 1.27mm pitch B2B connectors, peel away, 1.0mm pitch Mezza-Pede, FFC, FPC, Wireclip, custom connector solutions, jumper links, terminals