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Custom Moulded Assemblies

Custom Moulded Assemblies

As part of our cable assembly manufacturing service we can also offer a custom moulding solution to give your cables the exact finish you require, the exact dimensions, or maybe even a watertight overmould grommet to give a waterproof seal to your product. Using existing tooling wherever possible, to keep costs to a minimum, our engineers can discuss your exact needs and supply drawings, pricing information and even samples in a remarkably short time.

A good example of our capabilities is a custom DVI cable that we were asked to manufacture for an automotive application. We needed to design a DVI cable which had a straight connector at one end and a right angle one at the other end. It also had to have ferrites fitted at specific positions and, as the cable was fairly long, the quality of components had to be good enough to ensure a reliable signal was transmitted giving perfect results on the display that it plugged into. The main difficulty with this design was that a right angle DVI connector was needed which also required screwlocks for secure locking. Right angle DVI connectors are not common and we therefore consulted with our Engineers, who designed the perfect overmould solution, providing our customer with exactly what they needed. 

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