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Telecom Cable Assemblies

Telecom Cable Assemblies

We manufacture many standard telecom cable assemblies, including CAT5 and CAT5E cables, although sometimes a standard cable assembly design will not fulfil our customer’s specific requirements. One example of this was for an RJ45 cable, for Ethernet transmission, with very tight space limitations. Our customer needed an RJ45 cable with a right angle connector fitted, but our standard right angle moulding and all the standard right angle connectors available were too large. Our customer therefore asked us if we could design a reliable right angle overmoulding to fit into the small space and also to look good. We discussed this with our engineers and we designed a custom slimline right angle moulding, with reliable cable protection and strain relief, to fit into the small space. These cables are currently being used in CCTV security systems, around the world.

Although we can engineer custom solutions to suit specific applications, we can also supply cost effective standard telecom leads if you are looking for the most economical solution. These are available in a range of lengths and colours.

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