About Us

Company Overview

Formed in 1984, Selwyn Electronics Ltd is a specialist supplier of connectors, cable assemblies and cooling products. Selwyn was established with strong engineering abilities, providing full design support together with excellent customer service. These strengths have been maintained for over 30 years, ensuring our continued success. In order to provide a complete range of high quality products, competitive pricing and optimum customer service levels we select our suppliers carefully. These partnerships are key to our success. We constantly monitor market trends and new product developments in order to keep our product range updated and add new suppliers and products as necessary.

We always strive to be a reliable and trustworthy partner to our customers, in a joint drive towards quality, reliability and competitiveness. Using our engineering abilities and expertise, we always aim to provide the best solutions to our present and potential customers, while promoting our principal product features.

Our Services

We are able to offer Kanban, scheduled orders, buffer stocks, certificate of conformity, special labelling or packaging. Our ERP system allows documentation that includes your specific requirements. We can work to your order codes and are able to provide custom product labels including barcodes.

We can utilise an on-site CAD facility to create customer designs of any cable assembly, special connector, cooling system or unique solution to an electromechanical problem. The documentation shows each stage of production including assembly details and inspection details.



Custom Solutions

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