New ODU-MAC Connectors

Thursday, 29 October 2020 14:52
 New Additions to the ODU-Mac® Range

The ODU-MAC series continues to grow with two new additions: Push-Lock and Zero.

The ODU-MAC Push-Lock amalgamates 
the ODU circular push pull principle with the ODU-MAC Blue-Line and the ODU-MAC Zero is a space saving hybrid plastic connector.


ODU-MAC Push-Lock     ODU-MAC Zero
  • Easy and secure push-pull locking                                                
  • One handed operation
  • 7 units can be fitted with hybrid  configurations
  • Modules available for signal, power, Coax, air, fluid and data
  • >5,000 mating cycles
  • IP67
  • M25cable outlet
  • Protective cover  
  • Suitable for a wide rage of ODU-MAC modules
  • Can be fitted with 9 units 
  • 3 different cable outlets:    straight, 45°, 90°
  • Compact, dynamic housing design
  • Up to 60,000 mating cycles
  • IP54
  • Simple, safe housing locking (Break-Simple, safe
  • housing locking
  • (Break-Away function/emergency release)
  • Especially easy to clean